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News about Auto Recyclers

New Survey Shows Car Owners Don't Trust Dealerships For Repairs

A new survey was released by AutoMD.com recently and it shows that more and more car owners trust independent auto shops over dealerships when it comes to repairs.

3,000 car owners were surveyed and a full 80% stated that they felt they were overcharged by dealerships, while 90% felt they could save money by having independent auto shops work on their vehicles.

There is also a matter of trust.  The survey also showed that 67% trust independents while only 33% trust their dealers.  Another interesting note was that the majority who went to dealerships for repairs said they go there because of warranties or recalls; not exactly a vote of confidence. They also stated that they would go to independents if it were not for the warranties on their newer cars and trucks.

These findings are certainly in line with what we have heard at All Import Auto Parts.  What the survey did not mention is that do-it-yourselfers are increasing in the United States.  In other words, those who feel they can save money by doing the work themselves have increased by a whopping 34%, and that is good news all around for salvage yard owners as well as car and truck owners.

Let’s face it, not many in today’s economy can afford to pay $75 per hour to have a mechanic replace a windshield or brakes.  Not many can afford to pay $75 for a simple headlight replacement. There are so many replacement jobs that can be done at home, so why not save the money on labor?

As for parts, buying recycled parts at your local salvage yard is as good as gold when it comes to cost.  Salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts can save you upwards of 50% on used parts as opposed to buying new aftermarket parts.  That can mean a savings of hundreds of dollars on things like transmissions or engines.  Can you really afford to throw good money away when you and some buddies could do the work yourselves?

We can hear some saying, “but used parts aren’t reliable,” and to that we would say that all parts purchased carry a basic warranty on them, and extended warranties are available on most parts.  Considering the fine craftsmanship on most cars and trucks today, buying new parts really isn’t necessary.

If you are tired of paying through the nose for new parts and for the cost of labor, then you might consider becoming one of many who are now seeing the wisdom of doing repairs yourself.  And of course getting parts at your favorite Ft. Worth salvage yard.


New Industry Standards Protect Our Customers

We at All Import Auto Parts would like to draw your attention to a recent collaboration between the ARA, or Automotive Recyclers Association, and the NHTSA, or National Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA recently increased their efforts to warn customers about the sale and use of counterfeit airbags that have recently flooded the market from countries such as China.  In 2009 the NHTSA held a review of fatal car accidents and found that in 18% of the crashed vehicles the airbags were missing from the vehicles; in addition, an alarming number of counterfeit airbags had not deployed at the time of the crash.

The ARA issued a caution to the NHTSA to be clear in stating that recycled original equipment is entirely acceptable and safe, that these are the same products used by manufacturers of automobiles.

All Import Auto Parts applauds the ARA and NHTSA in these announcements.  As a leader in the Fort Worth recycling and salvage yard industry, we have always believed in the use of recycled auto parts as a viable way for consumers to meet the high cost of living in today’s world.  With the economy in its current state, consumers need an alternative to buying new aftermarket parts from dealerships and auto parts stores, and salvage yards that sell recycled parts are one such alternative.

That is why each and every one of our replacement parts carries our warranty, ensuring that they are safe and reliable.  We have built a reputation in our community as a seller of quality used parts, and our reputation is extremely important to us.

As an added means of insurance, in 2006 the ARA began a national standard called ARAPro, which means that every recycled airbag has been extracted, handled, and inspected before it is sold.  This industry standard requires that the Vehicle Identification Number matches other reference sources, making sure that it is the airbag that belongs in that particular automobile.

All of this means, simply, that when you buy a recycled part at All Import Auto Parts, you can rest assured that you are buying a part that meets industry standards.  You can rest assured that shortcuts have not been taken, and inferior counterfeit parts have not been substituted.

All Import Auto Parts, backed by industry standards of the ARA and the NHTSA, will continue to offer you only the best in recycled auto parts, whether they be airbags, transmissions, brakes or engines, and that promise you can take to the bank.


Latest Automobile Industry News

Today we thought we would highlight a little automotive news for you.  Yes, we are All Import Auto Parts and yes, we are the number one Fort Worth salvage yard dealing in salvage parts, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in the latest happenings in the car industry.  Come on, we are only human, and cars are our business.

And there is some serious news out of Honda to mention.  Honda is introducing a special 2013 Honda Accord limited edition HFP Coupe.  Only 500 of these bad boys will be made, and the add-on’s will cost close to $5000 extra, but it may be worth it for the discerning buyer who wants a little something extra in their Accord.

Hey, the Accord ain’t bad by itself, but add on a 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of 278 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque and you have a serious machine.  It will also have 19-inch wheels instead of the standard 17-inch wheels, and will have a rear deck spoiler.  The front fascia has been changed, as has the side sills and rear bumper.  The interior will feature red illumination throughout for a really cool look.  All in all, this is one cool car, and if you think you might want one, they are just starting to appear in select dealerships but remember, 500 and they are gone.

On another front, Toyota has decided to challenge the Lincoln Town Car with the 2013 Toyota Avalon.  Now that the Lincoln Town Car is no longer, competition is whittled down to the Cadillac XTS, with a new Chrysler livery vehicle due out soon.

The new Toyota Avalon Livery Edition will of course be black on black and will have heated seating and individually controlled seating.  Two models will be available….A V6 model and a hybrid.  The hybrid will have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine and will be rated at 40 mpg.  There is no doubt that is better than the old Town Car which got 19 mpg.

The new livery Avalon can be ordered through dealerships in December, 2012, and can be had for about $33,000.

That’s about it in the world of cars today.  As always, if we at All Import Auto Parts can be of any assistance in finding a quality recycled part, please give us a call or stop by our Fort Worth auto salvage yard.   We are there seven days a week to help you with all of your auto needs.


Nissan Motor Company Recalls Altimas

A round of applause is due to Nissan Motor Company, which recently notified, voluntarily, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that there was a problem with some bolts not being tightened properly on 2012 and 2013 Nissan Altimas.

Nissan will be recalling 13,919 of the top-selling Altima sedans because of this problem, and owners are being notified by mail on October 29th.  The cars were manufactured at the Canton, Mississippi plant, and the problem was diagnosed during regular safety testing.

The bolts in question are attached to the steering column, and may come loose because of the natural vibration caused by driving.  Should those bolts come completely off, steering would be nearly impossible.  As of this time, no accidents have been caused by the faulty bolts.

In the U.S., the Altima accounts for 27% of the Nissans sold in the United States, and sales of the Altima were up 27% from last year.  Owners will be asked to bring their Altima to a dealership, where the bolts will be tightened to proper specifications.

Interestingly, this notification comes several weeks after Toyota announced the biggest recall since 1996 because of faulty manufacturing of one of their window parts.  In that case, however, Toyota received black marks on its record for at first denying that a problem existed and then being fined for not properly notifying drivers and the NHTSA of the problem.

Nissan should be praised for being up front with the public about this problem, and for taking the proper steps to assure safety.  Let’s face it, anything mechanical has the possibility of being manufactured improperly; that’s just the nature of the business. All parts, whether it be a transmission or fuel pump, brakes or engine, have a chance of being produced with some error.  We at All Import Auto Parts are encouraged when a company like Nissan takes responsible action.

As always, for all of your replacement auto parts needs, come to All Import Auto Parts for the best in used parts and customer service.  Like Nissan, we always believe that the customer comes first.  We have built a great reputation based on quality customer service, and we offer only the best in recycled auto parts.  Like Nissan Motor Company, the safety of our customers will always be our primary concern.

Nissan Motor Company and All Import Auto Parts:  two companies that put you, the driver, first and foremost in our business plan.


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